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July 28, 2012

Last Ditch Effort

My mosquito-and-sand-fly-bite-infected legs are healing nicely, with the help of moisturizing cocoa fat, which is found locally at pharmacies. Cocoa fat is made locally, and sold in cubes, the size of ice cubes for about $3. I stocked up on a few cubes to bring back home.

On Wednesday night, however, while dining at the Beach House Restaurant, I was bitten again, despite my leggings. Now, 5 bites that are close in proximity have merged together to form a big, red, mosquito-y mess on the back on my right ankle.

I bought the new Off! product that I've seen on commercials. I've yet to determine it's effectiveness. It retails for about $25 in Grenada. It's basically a mini battery operated fan that blows on a repellent-coated filter, creating a field of protection around the user. It only works if you remain stationary (i.e., sitting at dinner, reading on the beach, etc.), but not if you're walking around. I bring this with me to dinner & it sits on the floor by my feet.

5 bites that have merged into one giant blob

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