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July 13, 2012

Er'ting Will Be Irie!

I've been so behind on my blogging! Here's a recap of what we've been doing:

Yesterday, we visited the Grenada Ministry of Education, to make a courtesy visit to Eunice Sandy-David, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education. She met with us to explain the economic, social and educational state of Grenada. She also gave us some background information on each of our teaching areas, and encouraged us to see, eat, and smell our way around Grenada.

Then, we visited the T.A. Marryshow Community College, where we will be delivering our seminars for the next 2 weeks, along with our Grenadian co-tutors. I found out that I have 21 teacher participants registered in my course - I hope I know what I'll be doing Monday morning!

At the Ministry of Education, Grenada

Last Night, we were invited to a cocktail social with Grenadian Union of Teachers and the Ministry of Education executives at the Spice Basket in the Beaulieu district of St. Georges, Grenada. The venue was beautiful, even though it was night (I'm sure it would've been more scenic had we gone during the day). My favourite appi was bacon wrapped plantain. Delish! I met up with my co-tutor there, even though I didn't recognize her, because I'm sure she had on a different hair weave style than what she had on the day I first met her!

At the Spice Basket, we toured the on-site museum.  It was a sort of a museum of seemingly random artifacts, covering geology, history, and the sport of cricket. The history brought to light the slave trade that brought the early African people to the West Indies.  
Spice Basket

Today, several monumental events happened.

First: My body, my left leg in particular, has been mauled by sand fleas / sand flies. After doing some research on Google, I learned that the little critters are native to the Caribbean and are found in sand and beachy areas. They tend to feed on paler skin, as it's thinner, making it easier to pierce through. Sand fleas attack ankles, and legs, inducing welts and blood clots. Apparently, I now have parasites underneath my skin.

So, I went to the doctor in St. Georges, Grenada today, who turned out to be a pediatrician! But as my teammates said, "hey, at least she wasn't a vet!" Dr. Nelson didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know. I've been taking 4 Benadryl a day, applying Fucidin H Cream and Topicort, and icing the lesions. During the day, I also spray on copious amounts of Muskol and Deep Woods (with 30% DEET). Thanks also to my physician friends back home who gave me medical advice via email.

Second: We've been staying at a guest house in Grand Anse Beach. It has 5 bedrooms for 6 people. Only 2 of the bedrooms had A/C when we first arrived. I've become accustomed to my life back home where I'm exposed to A/C whenever I need it, so to live in a 30C room after being out in the sun all day, is not my idea of a volun-cation. My new BFF on our Team had one of the A/C rooms and let me bunk with her for 2 nights - merci beaucoup!

So, after 4 days, we received some fabulous news - the A/C in the rest of the rooms have been repaired! Thank goodness! This will be the one thing to keep me sane in the humid heat!

So the adage for today is, Er'ting will be irie!

Grand Anse Beach where
I encounted a swarm of sand flies 
Sand fly bites

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