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July 17, 2012

Home Comforts

We had another great day of teaching today.  Island time is growing on us - punctuality is not a virtue here!  I absolutely enjoy teaching adult learners who are eager to listen and absorb everything I have to say & take notes.  I should consider becoming a college professor!

Here at mi casa, the living room is always hot and humid, as many homes in Grenada do not have the entire house outfitted with an A/C system - only the bedrooms are.  So at the risk of appearing anti-social, I've been chilling out in the bedroom most of the time. I also ensure that my bedroom is a mosquito-free zone.  Tonight, my team leader traded out of my room (I share the master bdrm), and my new friend Che traded in.

One of the teacher's union execs gave us some fresh fruits grown locally:
French Cashews - which look like red delicious crossed with pears, are firm but supple on the inside, and have a citrus-y taste
Avocados - when I first saw them, I thought they were watermelon. They're larger than my Optimum card! And about the size of a softball
Mangoes - which my team leader has been making the most deliciously fresh smoothies every morning for breakfast, ever since our arrival

French Cashews

Ginormous Avocados

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