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July 29, 2012

Closing Ceremonies

On Friday - our last day in Grenada, we had Canada Day Celebrations in the morning. We showed a slideshow of each of the Canadian teachers in our home province. I had pictures of the Raptors game, the Dragon Boat Regatta at Centre Island, the Canuck frenzy on Robson St. in Vancouver, the Inukshuk in Whistler, pictures of the pugs, and my class. Then, participants played different rounds of games against each of the classes. Too bad most of my participants were content with merely just spectating than actually playing!

During the closing ceremonies, the course director, an executive member from the Ministry, and our Canadian team leader delivered speeches. Then, one by one, each of the seven classes put on a presentation. The funniest were the presentations put on by the two computer classes - they found suggestive puns in computer words and turned it into a skit (i.e. "unzip", "insert")! The math class made a freestyle song on measurement - "Measurement ... is a good tactic ... measurement ..." the song was so catchy that it's still stuck in my head!

My visual arts class sang two songs, and then a teacher-participant represented the class to say a thank you/farewell speech to me. Then, another teacher-participant shared a poem she wrote for me, and my co-tutor also said a few words. The class presented me with a lovely thank you/farewell gift. Finally, I joined the class on stage to present the teacher participants with their course certificates.

Bassi, our driver who moonlights as a comedian,
performed a Canada Day stand-up
"Two Countries One Goal"
Competitive Games in the Courtyard
Grenada & Canada
With all the teacher-participants in my course

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