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July 27, 2012

Just Another Sunday?

After brunch this weekend, our team headed home while Sherri and I offered to run errands at the Spice Land Mall in Grand Anse. We needed some TP, yogurt and dish detergent. Sherri and I took our time at IGA and proceeded home. Upon reaching the foot of our house, we noticed a small waterfall coming off the balcony. Once we ascended the stairs, we discovered that the upstairs had flooded! While we were at brunch, the upstairs washing machine was left running, and the water had exploded out of the tap on the wall where the hose was connected.

Water was up to 2 inches deep in some areas! Two of the rooms were completely flooded, and water had seeped through the baseboards into my room and through to the ceiling of Sherri’s downstairs room! Our team was worried about black mold forming from the water seepage.

The course director of the Summer Program was very quick to use his local connections to secure a place for us to stay for the rest of the trip. He pulled some major strings for us, because now we’re staying at the Kalinago Beach Resort. We are so grateful that he acted so quickly and we are so thankful that he assisted us in our move.

We said goodbye to Casa Someone's Cousin's House, and hello to our new resort residence! It is a beachfront property, has a pool, swim-up bar, and happy hour drinks! The A/C is always blasting in our room. The bathroom is a fully equipped “hotel” bathroom. My new roomie is my fashionista BFF and fellow HM (high maintenance). However, we soon realized that it's difficult for two HM's to share a washroom!

Casa Someone's Cousin's House

Kalinago Beach Resort

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