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July 25, 2012

Brunch in Grand Anse, Grenada

This past weekend, we had brunch at a quaint little French Creole restaurant called Le Papillon. The restaurant is ranked #5 in Grenada on, and since it was located near our home in Grand Anse, we thought it’d be worth a try. The owners spoke with a French accent, so it must’ve been authentic food! The tiny restaurant was next to the hotel pool, and the d├ęcor was crisp with off-white outdoor curtains.

The brunch menu was printed on chalkboards. Their signature dish is Spiced French Toast, which Che had. I always default to traditional breakfasts – eggs, bacon and potatoes. I added a freshly baked croissant, mimosa and passion fruit guava juice to my order. The jams were made in-house: stewed guava, marmalade, and pineapple. Sherri, who can’t eat dairy, egg and gluten, resorted to ordering a side portion of bacon. She was served 3 slices. Despite the ridiculousness of what she was served, I would still highly recommend this restaurant.

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